Revolve Face

MAY 14, 2018 Traversals

Some Merry-Go-Rounds exist for merrymaking. Others serve the purpose of saving energy costs. It might also be both (or neither) or these things! How many hundreds of humans pass through the revolving doors at Yonge and Dundas on any given day? Do they even realize what manner of playground they so casually traverse? And isn’t it a wonder that more of us don’t gleefully spin in and out on repeat, marveling in childlike reverie at the mystery of a door pivoting on a central axis? I suspect that, like the spiral, the revolving door has a sinister edge as well. It urges the rats to keep racing. Its monotony echoes the ins and out of capitalism. And as we spin, in spite of our whimsy, aren’t we also (at least a little bit) twisted?

Revolve Face is part of Drawing Unlimited at Propeller Gallery, Feb 19-Mar 8 2020


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