Cloud Storage

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Cloud Storage consists of long panoramic images that have been digitally rolled into compact spirals. Compared to the long panels of eight feet that I’ve been accustomed to, this format is much easier to transport. But for me, exploring the sky has also opened up another form of transport: the kind synonymous with enchantment. In this arena I’ve found plenty of precedent. From the popular hymn, It Is Well With My Soul, in which the sky is apocalyptically “rolled back as a scroll”, to the rolling up of the world in a magical, highly adhesive ball in the Katamari Damacy video game, there’s enough spinach to build on. There are also shadowy patches in these skies, giving rise to wonderings about which way is up, and whether there’s anything beyond our carbon emissions. But there is also an urge here to play. It’s an open source whimsy, concocted with JavaScript and Photoshop. I urge you to download the spiralize Photoschop script and make spinning skies of your own!

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