Peter’s Dream

FEB 6, 2014 Sous Sol

What fell out of the sky in northern Holland (by way of Lancaster-toted gunny sacks) near end of World War II, though dubbed “Operation Manna” might just as easily have brought to mind a new Testament story about food in a sheet. What was unclean in Peter’s Dream, was of course the food itself, rather than the dirty means of delivery. But all the same, there seems to be recurring narrative here about en-blanketed food that arriving as is by magic from above. In this tapestry, I’m pondering how our consumption of animals may have gotten out of hand, in the sense that what we eat comes to us from within the wraps of a rather tightly constructed cage (consider how many chickens are placed in a square foot of barn real-estate), but also, how mismanaged zoos cause creatures of former majesty to pace around in despondent insanity. Is this the kind of mindless freedom we had in mind with the prescriptive “Take, Kill, and Eat?”


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