FEB 6, 2014 Sous Sol

If you’re bothered by the fact that I’ve tilted a church steeple on its side, you need only to wait for another 6 hours or so, and earths rotation, by then, will have ensured that “up” is once again “up”. Whatever your point of reference, though, boundaries matter. A roof, for example, forms that essential architectural boundary, which keeps out the rain. We agree that this is good, because when we are safe and dry, we are able to make headway. This roof in particular forms a celebration of the one and the many. “One bread, many grains” notwithstanding, the aesthetic opportunity at hand is definitely more in terms of “many shingle shakes, one shelter”. And yes, in case you were wondering, I do plan to go on metaphor-mashing: right until the cows leave home.


JAN 2014

FEB 2014

FEB 6 2014


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