Processing Nature: SHSM Workshop at HCA

On November 30th 2017, I ran a workshop with high school students from HWDSB. Hosted by the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts, the workshop addressed specific digital media skills that students were learning in the context of their SHSM (Specialist High Skills Major) program.

(Photos by Victoria Long-Wincza)

We explored relationships between natural processes (erosion, weather, tectonics, etc.) and computer algorithms. Students created photographic panoramas in the neighborhood, and then converted them into spirals using a Photoshop script. I brought in my work from two exhibits – Cloud Storage and Rock Bands – as object lessons in “spiralizing” i.e. how do you make a straight line into a spiral? We took our cues from a fossilized Ammonite shell, in which each successive partitions was slightly larger than the one before. The photoshop script we used followed the same pattern. While the shell formed over the course of eons, we were able to create a gallery of spirals together in a couple of hours! Thanks to the students, for their creativity, to the HWDSB for their provision of laptops and software, and to HCA for hosting.

Invitation: If you want to run a similar workshop at your event, please contact me.


Student Work

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