Cloud Storage Workshop at Hamilton Public Library

In connection with my Cloud Storage exhibit this month – I also held a workshop at the Hamilton Public Library on October 28th. We explored a process to make spirals from rectangular images using Photoshop and JavaScript. Participants brought images along, which we transformed into spirals together. Thanks to Jared for bringing the image of the Library facade, to Ruth and John for their flock of Canada Geese. Thanks also to Nancy and Marcel from HPL for facilitating, and to Debora Jesus for documenting.

I must say, I had a really good experience with the Hamilton Public Library. Related to this I had a brief connection with Julio Ferrer this week: his series of prime ministers has also been on display at HPL this month, and is really fantastic! Kudos to HPL for bringing the arts into focus in Hamilton. I had a great time with the show, as well as the workshop. I also hope to do more Photoshop workshops in the future: if this is interesting to you, please get in touch!

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