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Rock Bands

I’m happy to invite you to Rock Bands, an exhibit featuring a new series of wide format images.

Opening: Friday, November 11th, 7pm – 11pm
HAVN (Hamilton Audio/Visual Node)
26 Barton St. East
Hamilton ON.

Closing Event and Performance: Saturday, November 26th, 7pm – 9pm

With these “ribbons of stone”, Harold unpacks the poetry and musicality of local geology. Wide format images of the Niagara escarpment and the shores of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario mingle with more urban panoramas of concrete and oil. A variety of photographic techniques, (including cross sectioning of video) invite reflection on process. The slippery language of “rock bands” is further unpacked via spoken word. In a video poem, the artist reflects on connections between the current struggle at Standing Rock, his own complicity in oil and greed, and the grounded language of plate tectonics.

Harold Sikkema

I'm an artist, media producer and communicator based in Toronto, Canada. Camera clicks and computer code comprise my creative drive. To me, photography is more of a living process than a captured moment. I explore linear patterns through panoramic stitching and build more complex, algorithmic constructions using Photoshop and Javascript.

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