on CBC haters

So I get this random email criticising CBC for airing Katy Brand’s Big Ass Show – in which she parodies Jesus, giving him a girlfriend who turns out to be the force behind all of these ‘miracles’. Which of course is offensive to those who claim these stories as 2000-year-old fact.

Am I among those who claim such?


Well, I was raised on this stuff. The sum of it does cover many of lifes situations.

Christ’s ultimate work, (saving the world) is kind of a big deal.

But isn’t it only as big as we want it to be? It’s only holy because we declared it so? The more insecure, and self-concious we are, the more this will offend us?

If your definition of Jesus is better than this one, why would you feel threatened by it?

Jesus, for me isn’t someone to be proved right or wrong, but a vessel for our ideals. The historicity of the resurrection is a language through which we express the historicity of our own experience.

Let go of every sacred cow, and you do indeed end up with a rather ridiculous skit. But my, why do you have to take it so personally. Jesus didn’t.

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