For You

As a child, I listened to a lot of Christian music. I did not make a habit as a 5 year old, of knowing who my favourite artists were. Music came in the form of  “bandjes” (Dutch for “cassette”), or a little golden book records which encouraged us to turn the page “when you hear the chimes ring like this”.

It turns out that one of the songs I heard as a kid was  “For You” by Michael W. Smith.

When Tim Kenyon recently played it on his stereo, some lost chord from 20 years ago came rushing back into my consciousness. And in moments like that, questions of taste or what constitutes “good music” don’t seem to matter. So catchy it was, that I caught it, and it became a chronic ease in my heart. Lost for many years, and then rediscovered on a whim simply by swimming alongside another human being, who encountered the same vibes in the same river.

Here, I post unabashedly:

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