Water and Light

APR 25, 2011 Early Years DEVOTIONS

Water and Light, reviewed by Dominic Gregorio
In Water and Light I see the polarities of heaven and earth. Heaven, whimsical and playful, and interestingly, created from the elements of the earth: flowers (earth), feathers (air) and crustaceans (water). Permeated throughout are eyes that represent to me the all-seeing, all-knowing, omni-present nature of what God is. The portion grasping toward earth is constructed of a golden chain of blocks. To the right I see the wing of ascension, and reaching down is the perfect symbol of hopeless reaching… a claw that is broken. Earth itself looks scorched with ice, cold, barren. There is no reconciliation between these two planes, yet, despite the unbridgeable distance, the work is infused with an innocent hope in the reaching. Does the heavens contain the new earth? And why does God reach in vain toward us, unable to touch us? Is this why where we live is so cold?


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