AUG 1, 2009 Early Years

The intersection of nature and culture, when explored through Goldsworthian eyes, tends towards the nature side, the elements themselves do most of the talking, whereas the patterns into which they are arranged are minimal, geometric, etc.

But when we begin to work representationally, going beyond the mere basic forms of squares and circles, and urns, and arches, to represent more complex forms, we have taken nature and cycled it through our own lenses. The representation is filtered and remediated.

We don’t really know seahorses from within our comfortable spaces. I don’t really know them either. Am I just revealing my ignorance then, in making this? Perhaps, but here it is also about the process. I have rendered alive something that is dead. Tree bark, rotting under sand, it seems, attains a firey red consistency. There is persistence, perspiration. And there is also burning on my unprotected arms.


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