Alternative Worship Spaces

James. N. Allan’s freemasonry notwithstanding, Hamilton’s weeds still worship with adequate space and light. Whether you’re the Grand Master of the Lodge (or just an ordinary beaver) there remain gods (and Gods) to be found in the stable stables that shield us from the darkness of winter’s solstice. The axial tilt of Earth, not to mention the gyroscopic effects of its daily rotation, have conspired to align: and as such, Cathedral will be on view as part of OMG@YMG (Oh My God at You Me Gallery) from Dec 11 2015 – Jan 3 2016. I anticipate a festive feeling, if not a few red cups. Thanks , too, to the Spectator for printing my photo. In an era of excessive screen time, ink on recycled paper is heavenly and earthly all at once.

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