• Self ease

    Self ease

    Haters heap scorn on the selfie, lamenting this ubiquitous start-up genre as quintessentially narcissistic. But where’s the fun in that? You have an immense capacity to love yourself. To be properly selfless, you have to be a little selfish. Shooting oneself, in any event is not entirely about turning inward. You have to create distance.…


  • Street Views

    Street Views

    This photo series constitutes my response to a prompt from Robert Hamilton to create a series of 10 still photographs that examines “the neighbourhood where you live”. The work involves a loose interpretation of street photography, which I have here taken both literally and figuratively, imagining “the street” not merely as the trajectory I traverse…


  • tactic tactic

    tactic tactic

    In January 2016, I organized “tactic tactic” a group exhibition together with Dr. David Harris Smith, and my colleagues in the Communications and New Media MA program: K. Jennifer Bedford, Débora Jesus, Phuong Hoang, Chris Towler, Tanya Goncalves, Christina Pellegrini, Alex Pennington-Little, and Robyn Wilson. We were hosted by Bryce Kanbara at the you me…


  • The Last Supper

    The Last Supper

    Explore the Photo Series This post is a companion piece to The Last Supper photo series. “I am here to answer all your communion cup questions,” announces Eric Melzer. His review[1] of Broadman’s 1000 Plastic Disposable Cups confirms that “Yes, these are reusable (but that’s gross. Just throw them away, they are cheap)”. 41 out…


  • Alternative Worship Spaces

    Alternative Worship Spaces

    James. N. Allan’s freemasonry notwithstanding, Hamilton’s weeds still worship with adequate space and light. Whether you’re the Grand Master of the Lodge (or just an ordinary beaver) there remain gods (and Gods) to be found in the stable stables that shield us from the darkness of winter’s solstice. The axial tilt of Earth, not to mention the…


  • Quiet Time

    Quiet Time

    We live on a magnetic planet. And for this, be grateful! Thanks to earth’s magnetic field, we are conveniently shielded from harmful solar winds. It’s not an equal opportunity solar system, folks. Our own geology is fairly swell, but magnetism on Mars has not been so convivial. As NASA has recently demonstrated, the martian atmosphere…


  • Creative Constraints

    Creative Constraints

    Whilst brainstorming about topics for Multimedia Research, I realized that whiteboards, though interesting, might fall by the wayside in lieu of digital tools. I came across Coggle, and quite enjoyed the interface. What tools have you encountered to help structure your thoughts?


  • Heidegger


    I used cube portfolio to build a slideshow for a presentation about Heidegger for a course I was taking during my MA studies. It features a YouTube embedded video I made of the Niagara River.


  • disfigure it out

    disfigure it out

    It wasn’t what I was anticipating for October’s art crawl, but when Andrew McPhail asked whether I’d be willing to perform for “disfigure it out”, I was all over it. Like band-aids on a face. Because how often do you get the chance to meditate for 90 minutes at hundred dollar gallery? Not every day. I recommend the experience to…