White Things

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This week’s snowicane has apparently failed to make it far enough inland to really impact southern Ontario. But who needs white snow anyway? I’ve got plenty of white plasticine, white seashells, white coral, white rice, and white paper to keep me occupied.

I suppose this comes on the heels of another desaturated image. I’m beginning to find my productive groove back. Maybe this one-dimensional graphic style is what I’ll pursue for a while. It seems to jive with my ambiance these days. Anyway, taking the colour out of a work allows you to focus your eyes on its other lively attributes… I guess that here the life is in the texture.

I derive satisfaction from how the varying subtleties of bold and blustery (shadows of clay) are in epic conversation with wispy and whimsical (flowing rice) in this arrangement. Like you and I, these materials have context-specific personality.

I’m also excited about IAM Encounter in New York next week. Roadtripping with Scott and Keith.



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