Headless Chicken

This is a self portrait of sorts. Lately I’ve been completely in the web development zone, and not at all in the art zone. And so I feel dangerously (and perhaps literally) disjointed. Either I’m in over my head, or I’ve lost my head altogether, and so that is the reason for today’s wire sketch. I missed Francine’s birthday, earlier this week, and so she got to keep the sculpture as a kind of consolation prize. You have to redeem these moments I guess. The rest of the afternoon, I hung out on James Street North, where my artist friends encouraged me to stay on as an artist (and also as a web developer). I’m grateful for the encouragement, and for all the putting-up-with that people endure in spite of my being behind schedule on just about everything. I think things will get better soon. Just gotta learn to juggle more efficiently, or perhaps to find my head back, hopefully with the capacity for vision still intact. In either case, I crave additional focus and direction for my crazy-running-around-in-circles. Principled living without wisdom is nearly impossible. Has anyone seen my head anywhere?

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