the act of faith

Allow me to deconstruct your world for you. It will only take a second.

Faith is blind. Trust is naive. Love is misguided.

See? It’s all gone, what have you got left?


But you go on living anyway, as if these three things existed. Or maybe you don’t, but I do. I trust the bank to take care of my money, and I trust my pastor to invest love and soul into all his sermonizing. I even trust my housemates to do their dishes.

I have no reason to trust any of these people. Reformed theology reminds me that they are all sinners, worthy of damnation. So why trust them?

Why make myself vulnerable to their wiles?

Why assume they have any resources at all?

Why love them?

Simple. Because when I do, life is more fruitful and less miserable. Woot!



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