Iterations on a Mandolin

Iterations on a Mandolin – Choreographies for Chopping Veggies and Videos on AWS


I was invited to give a talk at the Sheridan IXD 2023 Year End Show. Building on prior work with Cloud Storage and Traversals, this talk explores the use of AWS serverless computing as part of a video art practice. It has been adapted for YouTube. Please enable Closed Captions for clarity.


Fruit ninja makes quick work of watermelons using a simple blade, but today’s “recipe” calls for digital video, and demands some extra computational spice. Building on artistic precedents for slicing up and rearranging video pixels, we develop a serverless toolkit on AWS to quickly remix video texture. Through the magic of FFmpeg, Lambda Functions, and State Machines, rapid visual iterations become possible. With thousands of cloud computers pulling together, we can imagine new arrangements of spacetime in parallel (without having to wait for them to render). This amalgamation of art and code also highlights the productive struggle of trial and error. Insights permeate the journey as well as the mind-bending outcome.

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