The Nature of Natural

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This is plagiarism. I stole the idea from Natalie Jeremijenko. Of course, I’m not quite approaching it from the same angle as her artists’ collective, the Bureau of Inverse Technology… for me, her work raises a slightly different set of questions Why do all maps have North at the top? What is really ‘up’ anyway? Is Betelgeuse up or down? Despite of my weekly Skype calls to Australia, I don’t generally feel aware, or connected to the inverted-ness of space. When I sit under the oak at Sir Allan MacNab Highschool, however, I find myself mesmerized by its pattern, its relentless spread, its grace, and its sheer sense of presence. Sometimes it’s good to be under-whelmed like that: it forces you to reconsider your world, and the people in it: people whose perspectives mingle with yours to make the end result resemble something right-side-up… ish.

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