Reformed String Camp

On Sunday evening I attended a concert performance, put on by the Reformed String Camp, in which children from all over the country gathered together to showcase a week’s learning and practicing. I was impressed by their collective spirit, doubtless spurred on by the energy and enthusiasm of their conductors, Kent and Roxy. I came into the evening with dark brooding intellectual heaviness dragging on my heart, and left the evening refreshed, and with a rather expressive doodle on my hands. The piece releases some of my own pent-up energies (I haven’t completed a major piece in at least 4 months).

Speaking of Camps, there are always camps at war, and so my hope is that my present journey will yet conclude its meandering with something epic; something that aims to reconcile. Let’s just say Eden and Zion is evolving in my heart and mind, into something along the lines of new boundaries. But I’m afraid that if further clarity is desired, then for that we shall all have to wait a while longer.

I’m gearing up for a few days at Awenda Provincial Park, and then I’m off to Vienna, where I’ll be working with ICASO as Communications Support.

I will then be back in Canada, in time for a (final) week of camp with teenagers in Markdale.

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