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Dream with me in warmer grey and white beneath this dreary misery.
Discover nuance in November: drab among months, unless your eyes really listen.

Choose perception when driving by ditches flocked with fuzzy cat-tails and grey grass.
Compare in code the colours #ccc and #ddd.

Value variance within a narrow range of hinted tints.
Play with luminance on a scale of visual semi-tones.

Rely on other options than the treble/bass dichotomy of poorly executed pop.
Restrict your eyes to the eleventh melody’s percussive palette.

Take it as a treat when seasonal snafoo veils its inner whisper.
Flaunt – as do the mist and frost – a subtler side of you.

Whisper of the whirls that were and whorls that will be.
Anticipate with drowning leaves, a thick, white, flowing sea.



2 thoughts on “November”

  1. This piece touched me deeply (I saw it larger first, over on your website). How can I explain why it impacted, what it meant emotionally? And does art require that we explain…

  2. Thanks, Laura.
    I’m very interested in the interplay of word and image; often it is said that images illustrate text. If art requires explanation, however, it might actually be the text that illustrates the image. In this poem/image combo, the dynamic is binary.

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