Lo how a Rose

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On this Christmas evening,

I want to reach out and connect with all the special people in my life who mean or have meant something unique to me.
Wherever you are…
Whenever we may have last spoken…
Whatever colour you’re wearing today…

I’ve been reflecting, this year, on redemption, and what it means to take something broken, and to heal it. To find meaning in the mud, and nuance in the neglected. This artwork, "Lo how a Rose" is made of dead flowers, revived; smashed lightbulbs, re-arranged, and simple material forms, with life breathed into them.

May you all find it in you to redeem the fractured things around you, as God did in causing Jesus, the tender shoot, to sprout from the broken stump, and in offering the world forgiveness, in redeeming us.

May you sing and pray and rejoice with the ones that you love. In this season of advent, I extend to you Peace. Shalom. Shanti.



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