hello again

As my mind begins to settle back into the Canadian reality, I have to realize the implications of who I am: an ex-Genevan intern, an ever-reformed christian, a traditional-digital artist, a part-time student, a penny-less fool. These realties imply responsibilities. Now is the time… to figure out what I learned in Europe, to glorify God, to create a new body of work, to give myself to the Mcmaster community, to find a way of getting paid through the activities that God has enabled me to love.

Here, I want to give some structure and focus to the poems and paintings and thoughts saved in spaces on my harddrive and in my head. In my previous blogs, I occasionally posted poems or pictures, but only as an aside to other kinds of documentation. Now I want to thrive on the creative urgency that wells up inside me: the feeling and the knowing that it’s better for me to take full responsibility for what I say (and paint). I want to fully realize that both my brain and my hands are equally called to follow Christ. So, there are things I clearly need to learn about humility. But perhaps by balancing conviction and an open mind, I will more fully engage you with my art, and more honestly consider your response.

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