“harosies” is the title of my blog about art and faith. You can read it in a couple of punny ways:
  1. as a portmanteau of my name “harold” and occupation “heresies”
  2. as “harold sees” (and occasionally perceives).
  3. as an artful journey of faith

The blog came about because I wanted to have a place where I could be publicly honest. Honesty is risky because it often means tipping sacred cows, and being labelled deviant. I hope that my deviance is in the spirit of my spiritual antecedents, like John Calvin. Off with the head of tradition, and Michael Servitus.

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Where i’m coming from:

  1. usually, the kitchen
  2. often, from the joy of artistic community committed to open, honest, and thoughtful expression
  3. always, from the redemptive water-stream of my Biblical, Reformed roots

My assumptions:

  1. You and I are pretty good at being bad.
  2. God is good, all the time
  3. zoom in and out, and it appears that we’re both wrong and both right.
  4. I’m not smart enough to have all the answers.
  5. I’m smart enough not to have all the answers.

I love:

  1. God
  2. myself
  3. my neighbour as myself (on good days)

Some advice:

  1. listen to [God’s Word], wherever and however it is spoken
  2. seek self awareness as a means to empower your loving of others

Concerning heretics
You are a heretic. Heretics in one camp are usually heroes in another. Church history often rationalized violence. Burning a fellow human, though (even if his name is Servitus) makes you a murderer. I’d rather be a heretic. The fight for truth requires us to stop fighting each other.
I have no heroic ambitions.
I only seek to place before you what my heart places before me.
Maybe we can grow together.
My first sin is pride. I am a proud person, but if I admit I’m a heretic, humility may find me.

[just] To clarify, as the author of “it” which is being placed “out there” I’m not labelling myself as “just” in the legal sense.

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