Eden, Zion (Rev. 2)

The bit in brackets is not a scripture reference. "Rev. 2" is a designation to indicate that this is the second revision (or waypoint, or landmark, or stopover) of an image on a journey. I’m discovering a new level of process in artmaking. The first instance of Eden, Zion is now more than a year old, and has had time to filter through my head, to become iconic, to gather up mental associations into itself, and to evolve into a kind of visual framework. Having matured in this way, the garden and the city have gained flavour, much like a fine wine, acquiring flavour whilst aging in a barrel, the image is again ready to say something. I can now pull "Eden, Zion" at will from my visual refrigerator, to employ its meaning in the context of, say, a mealtime discussion on postmodern Christianity.

In this instance, I’ve begun to articulate through white overlay, a kind of integration of events and experiences – the resulting story reveals a spiritual dimension coexisting with the material, tactile world. Spirit and thought dance have begun an awkward dance with matter and molecule.

There may, however, be need for facilitation: a dance instructor, perhaps? I’m hoping to add a third layer here – of oil paint between rust and mist – to help these elements-at-odds get along, and maybe even to visually sing.

Stay tuned for Rev 3!

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