Infinite Jest

AUTHOR: David Foster Wallace


Harold's Commentary/Review:

It’s not as original as you think, the premise that there might be something so entertaining that you must watch it again and again until it kills you (I mean, isn’t that just social media writ large?) But of course the entertainment is supposed, here, to be a film (the word “film” rings in my ears as being so antiquated because, working at Factory Media Centre, it has come to stand in for analog). I doubt that anything analog would be so persuasive to today’s (drug) addicts.

Well, the Incandenzas are a raucous crew. The experience of encountering them via footnote after footnote in this book, was as pedestrian as it was postmodern. I am glad for the audio edition as I don’t think I could have finished “reading” it. And yet I found it exhilarating. What a commitment on the part of David Foster Wallace to insist on so granular and so ordinary a level of interconnection and insight. A massive and important mashup of microwaves, Moms, marijuana, and Quebecois.

I’m sad that DFW died.


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