NOV 16, 2019 Traversals

My teaching practice at Sheridan College currently includes a course about design process, which includes an exploration of grid based pattern making. Lines, points, and planes, are constructed through a series of operations that follow defined rule-sets. Some of the more successful patterns occur when students superimpose multiple grids onto one another.

Here, I am similarly motivated to place two grids in conversation. Each “grid” is a video-derived panorama of leaves enmeshed in the early snowfall of November 2019. The first grid (of maple leaves) is interpreted by the second grid (of oak).

Blended as they are, with Photoshop’s “Lighten” blend mode, the effect is of the oak leaves (or rather, a wobbly traversal of them) giving us a window/portal into the shifting colours of snow. Also peaking through this facade from below, is the occasional maple leaf that hasn’t been fully erased by the process.

I rather enjoy the interaction, especially since the walk-wobble seems to hint at the same sort of motion that November’s winds also produce. The early snowfall has given rise to a unique mingling of snow with leaves.


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