A Motivational Poster

Translated from the dutch, this phrase means "persevere, boy!"

For me it carried particular weight as a child, when dad was encouraging me either to clean up my room, or when school was a drag. It had a ring of urgency (the consequence of slacking off was a pain in the ass, if you know what I mean).

But the discipline was loving, and eventually, loved.

These days, self employed and flying solo, I have to invent other ways to stay motivated. Since masochism doesn’t cut it for me, I am trying to find ways to live mind-over matter, or more accurately soul-over-body.

Coffee is a good start, as is the meditative sound of Taize, directing the soul to a space of focus: on God but then consequently also on the task at hand.

May you all be encouraged by this bit of generational wisdom to persevere this September and beyond, each of your callings.



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