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Gyres in Jordan

Jordan Ontario is nestled in the heart of Niagara’s wine growing region – and thus is home to plenty of spiralling grapevines. This May, I’ll be exhibiting some my own favourite spirals, drawn from the last several years’ work. These will be familiar pieces for some of you. For others I hope it will constitute a new way to gyrate!

Gyres opens at the Jordan Art Gallery on May 9th, 2015

Opening: May 9th 2015, 2-4pm (Talk with Q+A begins at 3pm)

Find further informationĀ on the Jordan Art Gallery Website.

Harold Sikkema

I'm an artist, media producer and communicator based in Toronto, Canada. Camera clicks and computer code comprise my creative drive. To me, photography is more of a living process than a captured moment. I explore linear patterns through panoramic stitching and build more complex, algorithmic constructions using Photoshop and Javascript.

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